This website is developed by bluebird bio, Inc. and is intended for
residents of the United States who are 18 years and older.

If you are interested in learning more about a
one-time bluebird bio gene therapy for your patients,
you’ve come to the right place.

If you’d like to enroll a patient, simply complete the Program Enrollment Form. my bluebird support will then reach out to your patient to further explain the program and confirm their interest in enrollment. Please note that services are available after enrollment only to residents of the United States and its territories.

If you are looking for the billing and coding guides which include sample letters of medical necessity, you can download the resources here:

Download the billing
and coding guide for
Download the billing
and coding guide for
cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy
Download the billing
and coding guide for
sickle cell disease

With my bluebird support, you and your patients will have
a dedicated Patient Navigator to help:


Guiding your patient through the steps to treatment
and connecting them with helpful people along the way.

There’s a lot that goes into the bluebird bio gene therapy treatment process. A Patient Navigator is here to help as you and your patient explore if gene therapy is an option. We will collaborate with you and your patient, answering questions along the way.

While my bluebird support can provide an overview of what the treatment process may look like, each patient will work with their care team at a Qualified Treatment Center (QTC) —a specialized hospital trained to administer bluebird bio gene therapies—to establish their own treatment journey.

There are 3 main phases in this process:




(cell collection)


If your patient is not already associated with a QTC, we can help them to schedule a consultation with one that accepts their insurance and is accepting new patients. Apheresis and treatment will be coordinated by the QTC, and we can provide you with logistical updates along the way.


Sharing information and resources about gene therapy and
how to get access through insurance.


Digital or printed resources are available to provide you and your patient with valuable information on a variety of topics including:

Overview of
Gene Therapy


Information about bluebird
gene therapies

access and reimbursement for your patient

Our aim is to be a knowledgeable and informative resource for you regarding your patient’s coverage related to gene therapy. The following is available at your request:

  • Information about prior authorization process and requirements
  • Payer medical policy details to support prior authorization
  • Billing and coding overview

financial assistance

The cost of gene therapy can be a concern, and the Patient Navigator can help by connecting your patients with financial assistance programs. Patient Navigators can review options that may be available and determine if they qualify.


Collaborating with you and your patient to reach
their personal health goals.

  • Meeting you and your patient wherever they are in their journey to gene therapy by offering personalized support to them while taking into account their lifestyle, preferences, and values
  • Arming you and your patient with information on bluebird bio gene therapies, their insurance coverage and the treatment process to feel empowered and informed to make the best decisions
  • And don't forget, as their copilot, the Patient Navigator will be by your patient's side as they chart the flight path towards their personal health goals